Racing Component Parts
Dimension Design will engineer custom component parts for your racing vehicle.


 With well over 30 years racing experience based on oval, road and street circuits, Dimension Design engineers can innovate component parts that could be the edge that lands you in victory lane.

Utilizing cutting edge designs and materials, we understand the importance of weight and durability when designing racing component parts.

Our innovative front hub assemblies being used on Micro Sprints, 3/4 Midgets and full Midgets have enabled these cars to brake later entering the turn that has resulted in increased speed and decreased lap times.

These component parts where designed to reduce rotating weight with increased structural integrity utilizing materials such as aircraft grade titanium and aluminum.

We have developed and race tested our new titanium adjustable steering rack at the recent Atlantic City indoor races. Our steering proved very successful being the unit in the winning car. This unit weighs in at 40% lighter than our competition and has an easy to adjust gear backlash feature.

Dimension Design is in the process of engineering many new products for racing including a new design carbon fiber drive shaft system, carbon fiber steering rod system, independent suspension parts, rear suspension parts, light weight bracketry and more.